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By Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee, LLC
November 09, 2017
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Usually when you stub your toe it’s no big deal—except for the extreme, sharp pain that occurs after you slam your bare foot into the bathroom door jamb! But other than that, stubbed toes tend to hurt a lot more than the situation would appear to require. Your toes have a large amount of nerve endings and not much fat tissue to absorb the impact of an unprotected hit, so they really hurt! 


How can I tell if my toe is broken?


While most stubbed toe injuries are nothing to cry about, if you heard a popping or cracking sound when you stubbed your toe, it may be broken. Other signs that you may have fractured your toe include bleeding underneath the toenail, pain upon weight bearing, and swelling and discoloration that does not subside after a few days. These signs may also indicate a tendon injury, ligament damage, contusion, or joint dislocation.


Complications that may occur from a severe big toe injury include possible infection, especially in those with compromised immune systems. Children should always have stubbed toe injuries professionally evaluated to rule out the possibility of osteomyelitis, which is a bone inflammation that can cause severe complications if left untreated.




Most often, the pain and discomfort will be greatly diminished after the first day. For severe injuries where tendon, ligament, or bone damage is suspected, the toe may be taped or splinted. An immobilizing boot may be prescribed to prevent further damage, and to keep the injury stabilized while it heals. Surgery may be necessary, especially if bone fragments need to be removed from in or around the joint.


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